AP Test

The AP test has no bearing on whether or not a student will graduate from high school. It won't even count for a grade. So, why do you need to worry about it? Well, the simple result of an AP test can decide whether or not a student can avoid repeating that course in college, and, therefore, save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of busy work.

How can we help?

Our job is to prepare your student so that they have the best chance to earn a 5. We understand the rigors of AP courses and that it's not so easy to recall in May what you learned in September.

Enlisting our help is making a smart investment. If we spend just a few hours with your student before their AP test, we have the potential to boost their score so that they do get a 5 and have one less course in college to take. And in turn, you get to keep the few thousand dollars that you would have paid for the exorbitantly costly course.