About Us

Student Tutors is a group formed by top-level high school students who look to spread their knowledge and experience to their younger peers. Along with a much cheaper cost than professional tutors, Student Tutors has staff that specializes in a variety of subjects and has recently excelled in them. They are very familiar with the specific courses and have even been taught by the same teachers as your student. Hard-working and responsible students themselves, our tutors serve as great role models as we look to build connections with our peers and share our secrets to success through high school.

Many tutoring institutions work with groups of students at once or designate worksheets to do on their own, and they have strict locations and hours. Older professionals have other jobs and may even have to re-learn your students' material beforehand. Both can be costly. Student Tutors specializes in 1-on-1 tutoring at a very reasonable price, can teach all school subjects in one session, and works with your student to get them the special attention they need and deserve.

We understand, we're students.

Help Us Help You

Student Tutors makes learning easy.

We are extremely flexible; we can drive to your house, a local library, or any other location you prefer at an hour's notice, and we operate at a variety of times after school on weekdays and during the weekend.

We tutor for any amount of time your student needs, whether it be 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours.

Reservations are very easy to make and can be done over the phone, on our site, or through email.

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